Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Have a Problem

While cleaning Saturday morning, I was forced to deal with a problem that I have been avoiding.  I've known about this problem for sometime now, but I have just, as they say, swept it under the rug. Rather, it has itself skittered and scattered under the tables, around the chair legs, beneath the bar, and into the corners. My problem - Jakebunnies.

Here's Jake.

Here's Jake and Lovey watching TV. They watch a lot of TV.

And here's a Jakebunny under the table.

 Here's another in a corner.

The Jakebunnies are taking over my house. Then again, so has Jake. He is still a puppy, only about a year old - curious, clumsy, and full of energy.

 And love, see above picture with Lovey. In just a few months, he has worked his way into our hearts.

Like a kid, he makes big messes.

Toys. Everywhere.

They go here, but I can't convince Jake to put any back before he gets another out. Some days I come home and the toy box is empty. Well, except for the Jakebunnies who live at the bottom.

Toys and Jakebunnies have taken over. I'm fighting a losing battle. Jake went to the groomer.

I thought shorter hair would reduce the Jakebunnies. I just made them smaller. And faster. Harder to catch.
So, if you come for a visit - step over the toys and ignore the Jakebunnies. They aren't nearly as annoying as the lick in the ear you are going to get  when you sit on the couch.

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