Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break Begins...(smack)...Now!

For the past few months, our small community has been working towards a common goal - raising money in support of Mrs. Clara Woolley. You can read more about her here

It has been amazing to witness the love and support for Mrs. Clara as it breaks down barriers and brings the community together. Many people in our community have stepped forward to organize fundraisers, and so many have supported those fundraisers. And because of this tremendous support, each event has been a huge success.

But I don't know of one that has ended with as much joy as the Woodlawn High School EAST project.  Two of our students wanted to make their EAST project a fundraiser for Mrs. Clara. They placed jugs in each elementary classroom and grade jugs in the hallway at the high school. For several weeks students were encouraged to bring change to fill the jugs. The incentive being that a student from the class with the most money would have a chance to pie-in-the-face the principal.

Money poured in. Change was counted. A winning class was determined. And a day was chosen for the pieing (I just made up that word!) The Friday before spring break. Watch the principal get pounded and then leave school for a week. What a great Friday!

At 2:45, we heard the all-call, "Students are dismissed to go to the gym for a presentation." The Arkansas Army National Guard was to present last year's state champion baseball team with a banner.

And now on to the pie! Mr. Wylie announced that 8th grade had brought in the most money. All of the the 8th graders names had been placed in a cup. Mrs. Morrison volunteered to draw the winning name - Jordan Wylie! The principal's daughter.

I handed her the pie and


SMUSH! She's quick! I wanted to get her face but didn't have time to move.

Right about now, he's thinking, "I should have taken these contacts out."

The poor man thinks it's over. But...

Jordan flits around like a little hummingbird, and pie-in-the-face-daddy is her sweet, sweet nectar. She has to come back for more!

He's about to speak. WAIT... is that pie in his ear?

YEP! She got him good.

I love this picture. I don't think the poor man can see a thing.

What can he say after that? "You're dismissed. Have a good spring break."

It's finger-lickin'-good satisfaction.

The money raised will go to National Foundation for Transplants. You can find more about this organization and make a donation to support Mrs. Clara here.

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