Friday, August 19, 2011

how i was conned out of 20 bucks

Every school day from 7:55 until 3:15, I hear a bell at least twice every 45 minute period. I actually hear a modern bell ding then an old fashioned bell bbrrrriiinnngg almost every time. I've never counted how many times in a school day I do hear that bell. But I can tell you that at times it gets very annoying. At times I completely tune it out. At times it is nails on a chalkboard screeching and giving me a headache. But Fridays at 3:15, that bell is the voice of angels singing a hallelujah chorus. Even today when it is only the first Friday of the school year.

However, today's bell was a tad bittersweet. Tomorrow the football team will host a first ever Bear Fest. And many schools in our area had home scrimmages tonight. And it is the first time in a very long time that I don't have a nephew or son playing. And I am sad. Almost lost on a Friday night.

So Lovey and I headed to Monticello to grab a bite to eat. It's mostly just us these days, even at home. We had just placed our order when my phone rang.

"So, where are y'all eating?"

"Cowboy's Express."

"Well, Bubba and I thought we would come eat with you. We thought you would like it."

I'm guessing the conversation in the truck went something like this.

"I'm getting sorta hungry."

"Me too."

"Got any money?"

"Not for you."

"Jerk. Hey, was that Momma and Daddy? I wonder where they're going."

"To eat."

*two evil smiles*

"Call 'em. See where they are going. We can go eat with them, and they'll pay."

And they were right. We did pay. And we did like it. It was no football game, but we liked it.


  1. I imagine the conversation in the truck did go like that.. I can remember myself doing that a few times ;)

  2. They think they got us, but it was 20 bucks well spent.