Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a last minute invitation

My niece Emy started her college career today. For the last few weeks she has been busy moving into her new apartment and getting settled in. And I have been missing her. So tonight when Lovey and I made a quick trip to town, I texted her, "If you want pizza fir supper me and uncle keith are at mazzio's. We're buying." (don't you love the grammar and spelling? when i txt i forget all rules)

Her response? "Yay! What time lol" and then "I'm not dressed nice. Fair warning."

I sent back, "Neither is uncle keith. Fair warning."

And then she tweeted something about me being the absolute best aunt in the entire world and also her favorite. Or something like that - I'm sure she meant that any.

It was so good to have a few minutes to visit with her. To catch up on what's going on during this busy, exciting time of her life. During the conversation she mentioned that her mom and dad were in town last night and called her for supper. And while they were eating, my sister saw her car at the restaurant and came in to check on her.  I don't think she is going to get a chance to get homesick. Or hungry.

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