Saturday, August 13, 2011

a rainy, lazy Saturday

The rain set in sometime last night. And the lightning. Around 3 a.m. there was a CRACK and brightness and the house shook terribly. And then Lovey and I went right back to sleep. Usually I'm nervous during a storm, but last night I was just so tired, and the sound of the much needed rain was more of a comfort than a threat.

And after lunch today, the rain returned. And this house napped. Such a rarity to have everyone at home, and even more to have everyone resting, recharging. It just doesn't happen often. All chores were forgotten. No to-do's were done. Today we simply napped. And it was glorious.

Now everyone is awake. Lovey went to visit his momma. The boys are ready to go out for the night. And the dogs are just back from a romp in the new creek stretching across the hayfield. Wet. Muddy. Happy.

And a new to-do list: give dogs a bath.

And I'm so happy to have a break in the heat that I don't even mind.

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