Sunday, August 21, 2011

we're not just playing school

Has the weekend already ended? It went by in a blur. In just a few hours it will be to head to bed and prepare for a brand new week. The second week of school. This is the week where we settle into the year's routine. The second week is real. Real lessons. Real schedules. Real busy.

Not that the first week doesn't count. It's just that there is so much "start up" in the first week. There's the principal's welcome and new rules speech on the first morning. Then in each class the who's who, what do we need, where is everything run down. The changing of schedules. The passing out of textbooks. And each day is a new explanation of procedures. Everything just moves so slow during the first few days of school. But those first days of explanation of rules and procedures are important in setting the tone for the year.

I will have more days of explanation of rules and procedures - lots of reminders of rules and procedures - but things get down-to-business on the second Monday. Schedules are set. Everyone knows where they are going. We've passed the "yes, this is where you are supposed to be" moment. I've got to know my students' strengths and weaknesses. And find a way to increase both.

The second week is real.


  1. Good luck on the second week! I talked with a mother who teachers 1st grade (or maybe 2nd) and was amazed at some of the things she said.. Like how only 3 of the parents showed up for "Meet the Teacher" and most of the kids did not know how they were getting home nor their address to get home.. I couldnt imagine dealing with teacher stress!

  2. thanks kourt. I'm very lucky to have great kids and parents. There is lots of stress, but parents in my community are usually supportive. And that makes a lot of difference!