Monday, October 3, 2011

weekend water fun

So yesterday I posted about the spiritual part of SEDCYM fall rally. It was a God filled weekend. But a big part of the experience was spending time with a group of fellow Christians and having fun.

And the fun started immediately. Chandler and Hannah gave us laugh because they arrived at the church in the same outfit without previous planning.

But the laugh got better when we stopped at Nannie's to pick up Caleb. He and Chan were also dressed alike without previous planning.

The theme of the weekend was Just Add Water. And the afternoon games involved water.




After a few minutes the kids realized that if they got wet rather than just damp, the water didn't seem quite so cold. And the water bouncers were too fun to avoid.

Look at these pics.

And these.

Can you tell that our group can be a little competitive?

There was hillbilly fishing.

And another competition.

Sarah wouldn't quit until she caught more than anyone.

Okay, maybe we're a lot competitive. Looks like even walking is a competiton.

Don't know this kid, but I love the pic.

Don't know her either, but I love the hair in this pic.

I do know these kids - I love the kids in this pic.

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