Friday, October 28, 2011

too cute to not post

I have posted several pictures of our trip to the Arkansas State Fair last week. I love so much about the fair.

The food - for the last several years we have eaten a porkchop-on-a-stick while there. It is amazing. But this year we never made it down to that area of the fairgrounds. I did get a funnel cake on the way out. It was amazing! Everyone went home with powdered sugar sprinkled down the front of his/her shirt.

The colors - the rides are beautiful. I love to see them during the day and then again at night; they look so different when the lights are on.

The people - of course. One never knows what will show up. The clothing, the hair, the tatooes - I have to be careful to not run into something or trip because I'm watching everyone else.

The animals - yes, we always walk the barns and check out the animals. This year the kids came across a tiny calf and couldn't wait for Lovey and I to see it. You might think we never see new baby calves or cows or chickens.

But I haven't post this pic. I just couldn't find a place to fit it in. So it gets its own post. And then I'm leaving the fair; I promise.

That is the fluffiest bunny I have ever seen. Some guy was just walking around with several of these on a wagon. He was making a sale when we walked up. Of course Jus, who is such a cuddle bunny himself, couldn't resist a chance to cuddle a bunny.

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