Monday, October 31, 2011

diy sock monkey costume

I have always loved Halloween. But I have to say that trick or treating in a rural area is not like trick or treating that they show on TV. When I was younger and would watch TV shows or movies that showed parents and kids walking around in neighborhoods to trick or treat, I would always think it was so strange. I couldn't imagine that people would actually do that - we had to load up in the car, drive to someone's house, unload, grab some candy, load up, and hit the road again. We could have walked to about two or three houses, but that's it.

We always went to a few neighbors, some aunts and uncles, and my grandma's. Even when Lovey and I got married and didn't have kids, we went to Grandma's every Halloween. She handed out popcorn balls. And they were yummy.

For a very short time I did live in a small town, and witnessed families out walking around to trick or treat. I was just amazed.

Now I live in the boondocks. We get very few visitors on Halloween. Most years, we don't have any trick or treaters. This year we had 4 - and it was a great turnout. We have two little girls on our road, and I just knew they would both show up. But one has been sick, and her daddy came by to let us know that she just wouldn't come. He said she only put on half of her costume tonight. She got sick over the weekend, and the most of the family has it now.

Lovey's little cousins were our first visitors tonight. Ella wanted suckers, and Eli really racked up - Jus has a tub of toys saved for him. Then Emma came by. She is allergic to nuts, so she got all of the Dots in the bowl (I don't like those, so I was glad to get rid of them.)

Finally, Baby Eli got here - remember what I said about driving? His momma was exhausted. They  had visited all grandparents which meant a lot of driving. I had supper waiting (actually, we had given up and eaten already).

The little sock monkey got his first sucker and loved it. He was just a smacking on it, and Lulu was laughing at him.

Until they both got a glimpse of the TV -

I lost 'em for just a few minutes.  Look at that - same expression.

He's the cutest sock monkey I've ever seen. I made his costume from a women's sweater. We acutally bought two sweaters - his momma is wearing the other one.  The socks are mittens with the thumb cut off and then sown to the bottoms of the sweater. I didn't stuff the tail so that it would be easy comfortable in his car seat.

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