Sunday, October 16, 2011

a weekend review

Last week was 9 weeks testing. I had the great idea of assigning a narrative writing assignment for my 9 weeks test. Students got the prompt, information, and rubric on Monday. Final drafts were due Friday. Grades have to be uploaded by 8:00 Monday morning. What was I thinking???

All week I dreaded the grading. I knew my weekend would be spent indoors, pen in hand, papers in lap. Saturday morning Lovey asked what I had planned for the day. I thought maybe he needed me to run an errand for him, so I told him that I would grade one class's papers and be ready for a break.

He had a great idea. So I got busy grading those papers, and he took off to complete some job or another at the chicken. I was just finishing with my 8th period papers when he came back.

We got on his motorcycle, rode to town, had burgers and a beer, and spent an hour or so relaxing. It was great. And what a beautiful day for a ride.

While we were eating, I was tagged in sister's status. It was a call for help. This is homecoming week, and Lulu needed help with dress-up days.  Lovey dropped me at her house; we discussed it a bit; then headed to back to town for supplies.

We got suspenders and some cute buttons for her nerd day costume.

Today, I made her trashbag/duct tape softball uniform to wear on Tuesday. Lulu and Brooke helped. It was my first attempt at this type of costume, and we just had to make it up as we went along. But I'm pleased with the final product, and I think Lulu is too.

Wednesday is Disney character/superhero day. I've started on her Jessie the cowgirl chaps. I've got tomorrow night and Tuesday night to finish.  (I'll post pics of her in the outfits at school this week.)

I came home Saturday night and graded one more class set of papers. This morning I graded a few before church. And I finished the last few just a few minutes. My grades are in, and it's not even midnight!

The next week is my Abby's homecoming; she finds out this week what dress-up days she has. Wonder what I'll be making next Sunday?

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