Sunday, October 23, 2011

just to be fair

On top of all the WHS homecoming busyness this past week, I had a workshop in Little Rock all day Monday. It was also Baby Jus's birthday, so I met Lovey and the birthday boy in PB on my way home. We picked up the girlfriend, did a little birthday shopping, and went to eat. Jus chose a restuarant that I do not like, but I agreed to suck it up and let him have his way - only because it was his birthday. And the visit reminded me why I don't like the place. I hope not to go back there any time soon.

After school Thursday, we headed to Little Rock to the state fair. Jus, the girlfriend and LKN had big fun on the rides. Thanks to armbands, they were able to ride all that they could stand.

The weather was perfect - cool enough, but not too cold.

And because it was a Thursday, the lines weren't long. The kids could get on rides with little or no wait time. LKN only skipped out on one ride.

Even Jus, who used to be such a daredevil at the fair, wasn't sure about this one. He waited for about 15 minutes to ride, and just before climbing in, this is the look I got.

A reporter for Channel 7 rode this one for the early morning show. And LKN knew she didn't want any part of it.

Just before the ride started, this wire panel dropped out of the way.

The pendulum started to swing back and forth, getting a little higher with each pass.

While we waited on the ground, LKN put it very plainly, "When I ride a ride, I'm not looking for brain damage."

After a few swings, the riders find themselves completely upside down and paused in midair.

I'm thinking Jus was celebrating just a bit too soon. After the breathtaking moment of being suspended extremely high over the entire fair, the quads of seats begin to randomly spin and turn upside down as the pendulum swings back and forth. I think this part scared Jus more than the mid-air pause.

That face just cracks me up! He may have left fingerprints in those armrests.

I think this ride is named appropriately, and I think LKN made the right choice.

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