Thursday, October 27, 2011

going to bed happy

Just last night I started working on my nephew's first Halloween costume. Tonight, I finished it. When his momma was little, I spent days and days making costumes for her and her brother. Sewing costumes for my nieces and nephews is a tradition.

I'll post pictures after Halloween - he is going to be a sock monkey. I used a sweater that we found in the lady's department at Wal-Mart. It was the perfect color and the correct "sock" feel. We bought two because I wasn't sure about how much material I would need. We also got a cream colored beanie and mittens. I had to cut the beanie down to fit his little baby head and then add ears from the sweater material. And I cut the thumb off of the mittens and attached them as feet.We bought a red scarf and cut it down to baby size. I also added a red oval on his booty where the tail is attached.

I only used one of the sweaters. His momma is going to wear the extra sweater and a red scarf so that they will match for trick or treating.

Tonight I can go to bed knowing the costume is finished.

Tomorrow my niece is in homecoming. She will have an afternoon ceremony and an evening ceremony. Several weeks ago I went with her to shop for her dress and suit. I can't wait to see her in both.

I took a personal day and don't have to be at school tomorrow. Which means I won't be in a hurry to get dressed in the morning. Which means I won't be needing in the bathroom just as Lovey gets up.

Tonight I'm a happy camper.

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