Friday, November 25, 2011

thirty days of thanksgiving 25

I just got home.  And Thanksgiving 2011 is in the books.

The last few days have been full of laughter, cooking, laughter, good food, pinterest, laughter, family, and shopping.

And a mishap or two. The first was Wednesday night as I was making cornbread for the dressing. I poured just a tad too much in this skillet. I usually make several messes on Sister's stove while we cook for Thanksgiving, but I don't think I've ever made a mess of the oven too.

The first two pans were perfect. Shortly after the cornbread fiasco, we were sitting in the den discussing our next task on pinterest when Jared walked through the kitchen and nervously called, "Okay, we have fire." Cornbread is flammable, just sayin'. Kept me from having to clean the oven!

Luckily, I decided to make my lemon cranberry squares after the cornbread. After  getting everything started, I noticed that it was supposed to chill for several hours before serving.

Brooke didn't get enough bananas to make her banana pudding. This was not a problem. We always make a middle of the night run to Walmart for the sales papers. This year we left at 3:30, and when we got back, we put the turkey in the oven and got busy cooking everything else enjoyed some pinterest time before starting everything else.

It helps that Brooke lives next door to Sister. We use her oven for most of the casseroles on Thanksgiving morning.

The hashbrown casserole was fiasco number 3 or 4 or 5. It baked at Brooke's. Jared and Dusty were helping to bring the finished dishes back to Sister's. This one dumped just as Jared was trying to maneuver the door with full hands.
Less hashbrown casserole just mean we eat more of something else.

We spread out over the entire house to eat. After lunch, Lovey stretched out on this couch for a nap. After he left the spot, Sister napped here too. After lunch, there was lots of napping going on. I managed to grab the recliner for about an hour. And then more eating. Finally, we cleaned the kitchen, and then spent some time in deep philosophical discussions, sharing our feelings, playing board games in the same room on pinterest, looking at Black Friday ads, watching TV, and playing with the baby.

This morning at 5:00, Sister, LKN, and I met Jen, Emily, and Hannah Gray for shopping. And more laughter.

Dear Lord, thank you for family time. And laughter. Thank you that we have plenty of food. I know that there are those who go to bed each night with empty stomachs and I realize that it is only because of your love and grace that we have food. I asked that you be with all of those who are away from his/her family this week, or any other time. For everyone that is hungry. And for anyone who doesn't know of your love. Lord, may I long for you love, and may I hunger for you and your love.

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