Monday, April 30, 2012

i'm from the boondocks, and apparently okay with that

There are advantages and disadvantages of living in the boondocks.

 I love that my closest neighbor is almost a half mile up the road. I love that I don't have to have curtains on all of my windows. I love that even with those naked windows, I can get out of the shower in the morning and walk around the house in my underwear - I'm very hot natured and it takes me a minute to cool down after a shower. I don't even mind that occasionally a hunter might be driving by, and I have to run for cover. I love that my dogs can go out and romp without being fenced in. I love watching deer and geese and turkeys and cows and coyotes from my living room. And I love, love, love that those neighbors up the road are just a phone call away if I ever need anything

On the other hand, living in the boondocks makes it so hard to do things that people in the city never think about. Like go out to eat and have a drink with dinner. Or pick up a few new books. Or sewing items. Or craft supplies. No Target. Or Old Navy. Or American Eagle.

After school today I ran to Pine Bluff to get some things for a project. I thought I could easily get everything I needed at Lowes and Staples. I wanted engineer prints from Staples. I wanted to see just how they were done so I hung close by the printing desk to watch. When the first one printed, I asked to see it. It had several lines all the way across it. I asked why they were there. The girl told me that they just came like that - that's why the prints are so cheap. And if I wanted to get rid of the lines I would have to do a poster print for $47.99. Needless to say, I didn't get any prints there. I then went to Lowes to get some plywood and paint. The guy at the paint counter was very helpful. After I had already paid for three sheets of plywood that were to be cut to in half, the guy who was supposed to cut the wood told me that (after I went over to make sure that I didn't get the warped pieces on the top of the stack) they didn't cut the sheets that I needed. Needless to say, he DID most certainly cut those sheets and haul them and load them in my truck with absolutely zero help from me. Once in my truck and on the way home, I called the Little Rock Staples. The lady at the printing desk was very sweet. She told me that no, the engineer prints should not have lines going across the print. That their machine made very clear prints. And that obviously something was wrong with the machine at the PB store.

I will be driving to Little Rock in a few days to get the needed prints so that I can finish my project.

Sometimes the inconveniences are just so damned... inconvenient. Sunday afternoon my gas light was on. I had to go to youth. I drove by one store between my house and the church (maybe 12 miles from my house) and then another store maybe a couple of miles on the other side of the church; both were closed. I had to drive to the Country Store which is another three or four miles up the road.

But I'll take the inconveniences. I've never been able to run in store in Little Rock and say, "I don't have my wallet. Write it down and I'll pay you the next time I'm in."  Or tell someone else headed to the store, "Pick me up a tender box and tell them I'll come by after school and pay for it."

And I can't imagine that city neighbors would appreciate seeing me walking around in my underwear every morning.


  1. The boondocks sound appealing to me! I'm pretty sure my neighbors (who all live just feet away) are real glad all my windows are covered :)

    1. i in a do love it. we live very rural area at the end of a mile long gravel road. it's great until you run out of something or want a cranberry limeade from sonic.