Saturday, April 9, 2011

Consider Yourself Blogged

Baby Jus had his last prom tonight.

It was black-light, glow-in-the-dark and loads of fun. And Baby Jus's last one.

Did I say that this is his LAST prom? As in he's going to graduate soon. And be grown up. And not need his mother.

Because it was his last, I wanted to do something fun and memorable. It is a bit of a tradition for the my mom to cook prom dinner for the grandkid and his/her group of friends. Justin and four friends met there for steak and all the trimmings. Yummy!  But we planned a fun photoshoot while we were there.

Pappaw's old tractor was an excellent prop and looked great with the bright colors of the girls dresses. We were absent one friend, but went ahead with pictures so that we could stay on schedule.

Another great prop! Pictures on a fire truck are fun whether your 5 or 18. I love this one.

Carrie and Macie looked amazing!

And when you've got a fire truck, who can resist a little fun? Baby Just loves to ham it up.

The girls had to get in on the fun too.

And then Jacob.

After playing around a bit, we went in so that the kids could cool off. Nannie had dinner ready, and Morgan got there just in time. After dinner, it was back to take a few more.

The whole crew got in the picture.

And then for some silly pics on the tractor.

We were right on the highway, so lots of people honked as they went by. When someone honks, you have to wave - we live in the south!

Love this pic. It makes me sad. But I love it. And I love these kids! When I was taking pics, they asked, "Mer, are you going to put this on your blog?"  Well, duh!!! I have to.

It's 1:40am. My living room has several teens dancing with Wii remotes and having a great time. I'm not ready for them to walk away.


  1. What a great time!!! ...sitting here crying thinking about how you feel...I know how you feel. Savor every teeny little moment!!! Love you!

  2. oh, i just had to scroll down. how neat! great memorable shots.

  3. Jacob keeps talking about this next year being his Senior and last year in high school. I'm So not ready. You've made some great keepsakes with these pics!

  4. It was fun. I think they will have great memories from the night. And that's just what I wanted.