Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In the Recovery Room

For the last few days I have worried about leaving Lucy at home. And the nights - oh, the nights! She has been miserable, so Lovey and I have not had a good night's sleep in over a week. She had gotten so big and miserable that she couldn't get comfortable - so we didn't either.

 This was taken about a week ago. Picture several inches added to that belly and that is what she looked like this morning. She sprawled out this way on the concrete floors in the house. I guess a pregnant dog is no different than most moms to be - hot.

When Baby Jus came in for lunch today, she was panting heavily and obviously uncomfortable. He decided that she needed to go to the vet. After calling his daddy for a second opinion, he loaded her in the truck and headed to town. I was at school and a nervous wreck. He called with an update that she was getting a shot and hopefully this would help her to deliver the puppies; if not, the vet would take them. As soon as school was out, I headed to the vet's office.

He did have to do surgery to deliver the puppies. When I got to the office. Lucy was just getting cleaned up, and the puppies were in a basket wiggling and squirming away. He said that she has a low calcium level which prevented her from delivering the puppies naturally. And that she arrived just in time, the puppies were showing signs of distress.

We are at home now. The puppies are doing fine; Lucy is not quite awake yet. I worry about them not eating yet. I keep slipping one puppy at a time in to get a snack. With 8 hungry puppies she will have to take calcium, and we will have to carefully watch her for signs of milk fever. When she has had time to pretty herself up, I'll post some pics of the new momma and her sweet babies.  Keep them in your prayers, please.

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