Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Southern Sunday

I come from a big family. My mom has 5 brothers and 4 sisters. I have lots of cousins. Most Sundays, we went to Grandma's for Sunday lunch; sometimes it was a small crowd and sometimes a large crowd, but it was always a crowd. We loved the large crowd days. Easter was always one of my favorite Sundays. The crowd would be huge on that day. Kids brought baskets full of eggs for hunting; parents brought potluck.

There were always new dishes and desserts, but some things were expected. A couple of the uncles always smoked turkey and ham. My mom usually made chicken and dressing (In our family dressing isn't just for Thanksgiving.). Aunt Judy always brought fried chicken and bar-b-que weenies. Not just at Easter, everytime we had a family meal - it was expected. I don't know that she ever took an empty pot home. Kids would fight for the front of the line so that we could be certain of getting weenies. When Lovey joined the family, I couldn't believe that he had never had bar-b-que weenies. I was shocked to learn that everyone didn't eat these. I was also a little sad for him; we consider these a necessity of a good potluck dinner (by dinner - I mean the middle meal of the day).

Now Sundays mean lunch at Nannie's (my mom) and a smaller crowd, but still a crowd. Today we only had thirteen people for lunch. As we were leaving church and driving to Nannie's, Baby Jus asked what we were having for lunch. Some weeks I know; some weeks I cook it; some weeks I think I know but get surprised. Today I had no idea.

I took my camera with me this morning. I had planned to take a few pictures while we were all there. I couldn't do that. I was trying to get to the front of the line - Nannie made bar-b-que weenies today.


  1. Love it!!! ...wish there was a like button to push! Glad you had a good day.

  2. no sunday dinner for us today and i missed it. we'll be back to our regularly scheduled pushing in line next sunday.