Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Windy Wednesday

The weather was grand! Beautiful, sunny skies. Shades of green are everywhere. I came home a little early today.  The kids all wanted to be outside too - no one needs tutoring on beautiful spring days! Everyday I expect to come home and find Lucy with puppies, or at least in labor. I just knew today would be the day. Lucy has kept me awake for the last two nights. All she does is grunt. She can't get comfortable at all.

But again today, no puppies. We went outside to play instead. Lucy Mercer: Great American Cat Wrangler, is so fat she can't chase a kitty too far.

This is her "Okay Kitty, I'm giving you to the count of zero, and then I'm coming after you" stance. Notice she's sagging a little in the middle. She did try to chase a kitty today. Made it from the front of the house to the back and decided chasing kitties just wasn't important today.

This is her favorite position these days. She would sprawl like this all day if not for Jake.

He just won't leave her alone. He doesn't stay in one spot very long. He was misnamed. He should have been "Tigger" - he's bouncy, flouncy, pouncy all of the time.

And he's a copycat. Lucy is tolerating him lately because it takes too much energy to do anything else.

I tried to get a pic of me and Jake. I got a lick in the lips instead.

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