Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saturday Morning Confessions (Yes, I know it's Sunday)

My friend Melissa has been doing some Saturday morning confessions. And they say that confession is good for the soul. So here's mine.

1. I'm a procrastinator. But I have a system. Many years ago I read, or saw on TV, or just made up, a plan for dealing with a busy schedule. And this stood out: Each day your "TO DO" list should be organized with the most important thing at the top. Work the list for that day. And know that what's important may change; the list may have to be altered mid-day. If I don't get something done, I know that it wasn't the most important thing for that day.

2.  It really ticks my off when my husband doesn't "get" the list. He sometimes makes comments about me waiting until the last moment to finish a project. I don't wait until the last moment because I enjoy stress and desperation!

I could point out some things that he should move to the top of HIS list, but I don't.

3. I like to do things my way. I love the Saturday morning confessions. I just decided that mine would be a Sunday morning confession. That's the way I wanted to do it.

4. I didn't watch this week's GA. I gave up TV for Lent and haven't watch anything for the last few weeks. But I must admit that GA has been really strange for me lately anyway, and when I read tweets and facebook comments about the strangeness of this week's episode, I wasn't at all upset that I was missing it.  I do miss morning TV. I usually turn it on while I'm getting ready for work and just listen to it in the background. I even use it as my timeclock - "What, GMA is coming on? I need to hurry!"

5. Maybe I have procrastinated a little about this. It's April. May will be here in just a few weeks. I have to organize a senior luncheon for the last Friday in April and graduation for May 12.  I followed this year's seniors as a class sponsor since their seventh grade year. I have gotten attached to them. All of them. Especially my Baby Jus. I'm not ready for them to graduate. Especially my Baby Jus. He's the one with the guy sitting on his shoulders.

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  1. it works for sunday mornings too.

    thanks for participating!