Thursday, April 19, 2012

and i thought i was having a rough week

My prom marathon is almost over. And so far I've made it with just a few sore fingers and muscles. Tonight I had to run to Walmart for just a last few things. When we got to the front door the enter doors were apparently broken and had buggies blocking the access on both sides. I thought it was a little strange but just walked on by.

Before going in to shop, I had to make a quick run the the bathroom. There are three stalls in the front bathroom. Someone was just coming out of the first one, the door was closed on the second, so I went into the last stall. I noticed this. How would someone strap a child into this seat with the buckles cut off?

I wasn't in as much of a hurry coming out of the stall as I was going in and happened to notice the still closed door on that second door. No one was in there. No one would be going in there. The door was tied with a USB cord.

As I was walking to the sink, I noticed that the light sensor was not quite right. Yep, it's taped in with electrical tape.

Turned to wash my hands and just had to laugh.

I understand that maybe the soap dispenser was broken and there wasn't a replacement handy. Maybe taping it would work for a temporary fix - you know just until that replacement was paid for in the 20 items or less lane - that shouldn't take long, right? But seriously, who tapes something around a sink with masking tape?

That bathroom was in pitiful shape. Broken toddler seat, broken door, broken light sensor, broken soap dispenser. But sitting on the counter just behind the other sink?

Fresh flowers class up any room, right?

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