Sunday, April 15, 2012


I don't care how beautiful you are - sometimes you're just going to take a bad picture and look like a goob. And if I'm doing the clicking, there's an even higher chance of those photo fails. I just click - it doesn't matter if everyone is "ready" or not. And sometimes I get the best pictures this way.

This morning I posted pictures of Abby and her friends all dressed up and looking beautiful for prom. Now you're going to get a look at some not-so-perfect shots. While I love the perfect pictures, some of these are my favorites - some because they are funny, some because I see personalities just screaming in these pics.

I love this picture of Julie.

I have no idea what was going on here, but the expressions on the girls' faces crack me up.

Here's another of my favorites. Abby likes this one too.

Ever been photo bombed by a cat?

In a large group it is so difficult to get a good picture of everyone, with this group it was difficult to get a picture where someone wasn't talking. Here, everyone is talking to someone - this one makes my top ten favorites of the day.

There are more of these photo fails here.

If you missed my post of Abby's homecoming this year, it's here. And here's a few from last year's prom.

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