Sunday, April 29, 2012

a great weekend

As it gets closer and closer to summer vacation, it's harder and harder for me to transition from weekend to work week. And with great weekends like I just had, it's really hard to get excited about going to work tomorrow.

we walked from grandma's to the deercamp. he sucked that upside down pacy all the way.

Friday night, Lovey and I went to eat in Pine Bluff. If you're from around here, then you know that there aren't many choices. We ended up at Chili's - one of the few places with a bar. It's always so crowded and so slow that we hate going there. But this time we found a few seats at the bar while we waited on a table, we had good service, and the food was pretty good. Believe me, compared to the last few times we've tried it, it was 5 star equivalent.

he and cousin katie had the best time playing together in the wagon.

On the way home, my niece texted me asking what I had planned for Saturday. Honestly, I hadn't decided at that point. It wasn't until the next morning that I knew for sure that I HAD to take the dogs for haircuts. Jake was getting mats, they were both hot, and it had gotten impossible to keep the floors clean from hairy little paws tracking through the dewy grass and then across the gravel road. And Saturday morning after I went for a run/walk, I decided to take them out for a walk without leashes. They both found a mud hole to plop down in when they got hot and then came in and plopped on the cool concrete floors. That's when I decided what I would be doing.

such a pretty horse.
After dropping the dogs off, I joined Brooke and Eli and we went to the "Cowboy Up for Cancer" fundraiser. Each year they do a trail ride then meet at the deer camp for lunch. There's a band and a silent auction. Several of the employees from PBNB work very hard to make this a success. I just go for lunch - no trail riding for me.

just hanging out at the trail ride
After picking up the dogs, Brooke and Eli joined us for supper. Grilled chicken and mushrooms, twice baked potatoes, salad, and bread. Brooke made a chocolate chip cookie cheesecake for dessert. It was delicious. We spent the night just as we had spent the day - laughing at Eli. He is such a mess. And every day he has a new trick.

i have no idea who this is. saw her heading to the pond and grabbed my camera.
Of course, Sunday means family lunch at Nannie's. And again, Eli was the center of attention.

i just love this

How was your weekend? What did you do? How do you plan to top it next weekend?

pretty typical where i live. do you ever see this?

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