Sunday, April 29, 2012

even big kids enjoy a fun day

Teaching can be stressful, but being the student can be stressful too. Our students are just great kids. I've taught at other schools, and I'm telling you - the "bad" behaviors at our school are very manageable compared to others. The great behavior and small numbers sometimes allow us to do things that larger schools just can't do.

these two were my photographs for much of this post as I was in the pressbox most of the time

Last year we planned a career/fun day. That was during the month of almost weekly treks to Rogers for Lovey's throat surgery, so I missed it. I've heard that it was a success. But this year we wanted it to be even better. And I think it was.

The morning started with speeches and student council elections for next year. Then the student body was divided by classes, and we rotated through speakers for career day. The BETA club is in charge of this part of the day. They invite graduates of WHS from a variety of careers to give speak to the classes. Last year I know we had a high school principal, a pilot, and a dermatologist. This year we had a game and fish officer, a pharmacist, a cosmetologist, a railroad engineer, and a graphic designer (there were a few more, but i had to cut out to set up for fun day and missed them).

Just for the day, we had a combined lunch. Teachers had lunch in the workroom provided by one of the student groups on campus. I honestly don't know which one because so many of the sponsors work together on projects - but it was yummy.

The afternoon activities had a little something for everyone. A video room and board games inside to let students come in and cool off (last year it was brutally hot on fun day), a concession stand, dunking booth, several blowups, face painting, washers, baggo, and several other games. Along with time to just hang out with friends.

Two new activities that were big hits were the kick ball and chess blitz tournaments.

And this blowup boxing ring had a line all afternoon.

The kick ball tournament teams ended up being seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. Lulu played for the sophomores.

Chan played for the freshmen.

And, of course, they played against each other. They are very competitive. Chan caught one of Lulu's kicks to put her out. I'm figuring there will be lots of discussion about that play in the coming days.

There was a sudden thunder boom and a lightning strike too close for comfort so the outside games were forced to quickly shut down, and we moved students inside. Until we went in, I had no idea that there was a mini cake walk. They were having fun.

I thought maybe we would interfere with the inside activities. But no.

There were two serious monopoly games, several card games, and dominoes going on.

I'm not sure some of the gamers even realized that we all came in. When the last bell rang, I had to force a shut down of one of the monopoly games because they were so involved they didn't want to stop.

It's great to watch them just being kids. And I am so grateful that we have a school community that allows us to give them that time.


  1. I was working :( but I look forward to this coming up weekend and the next week cause its mine and Dusty's birthday week!

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