Monday, June 20, 2011

Getting a Little Crafty

Before the boys came, I had several nieces and nephews and lots of time and energy. And I used that time and energy to spoil said nieces and nephews. I went to ballgames, school programs, birthday parties, you name it. But one of my favorite things to do for them was sew. Over the years I have made Christening gowns, school clothes, and lots and lots of costumes. If they wanted it; I tried my best to make it. There were occasional small failures, like the year my brother's oldest wanted to be Simba from The Lion King. The Simba costume was so cute. But her little sister was still just a baby, and we decided it would be cute to dress her as Rafiki. The material I chose to make this costume was strange. It really did look like a monkey should - but it grew and grew as I sewed. The costume was gigantic by the time I finished. The more I tried to work it; the bigger it got. I think Simba might have Trick or Treated with a standard baby pumpkin that year. When JodyBoy was about two, I made him a tiny Elvis costume. It was precious. And some of the costumes were magical. When Dusty put on the Ninja Turtle costume, he transformed into a karate chopping, spinning, kicking machine. Unfortunate for his big sister. As the kids have gotten older the costume requests have dwindled. I do occasionally make something for a school project. My last one was Hazel Walker who played for The All American Red Heads.

My family is not-so-patiently awaiting the arrival of a new baby. My sister's first grandchild, my mother's first great-grandchild. And we have completed a few crafty projects while waiting. He has the cutest cowboy room ready for him to come home to. And a momma that is so excited to meet him. We covered these letters a few weeks ago, and hung them a few days ago. Cuteness!

His momma may kill me for posting this picture, but I think she is cute as a button!
And I broke out the sewing machine too. When I saw this pattern, I knew that the baby cowboy just had to have a few horses.

I made a gray, a black, and a paint. In that order. And they got fatter as I went. The fatter they are; the cuter they are.

I might just have to make one more. I think Baby E needs a brown horse. And rest assured, come Halloween, he won't be a standard baby pumpkin. My crafty wheels are just a turning.

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