Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday Confessions (Yes, it's Sunday - I'm late again)

This is not the first time that I have joined Melissa's Saturday Confessions on Sunday - I'm a rebel like that. Actually, by the time I got home and sat down yesterday, I considered logging on and posting but just decided not too. So I guess I'm not a rebel after all - just lazy independent. I'll count this as confession #1.

2.  As I went to my blog to post this, I noticed a typo on my last post. I am a good speller - but a horrible typist. And I don't always use spellcheck. I know I should. I have experienced the agony of my non-nimble fingers over and over, but I just won't learn. And scanning isn't enough for me. My eyes are enablers. They know what my fingers SHOULD have typed, and they only see that. I can read over something I just typed a million times and never see the typos. I can pick up another person's writing, and typos jump off the page like fleas. Don't think that I have some complex where I think I'm perfect and can't find any flaws in something I create. I do see the flaws - just as soon as I hit the publish post button or just as soon as the last test comes out of the copy machine.

3.  I hate packing for camping (and unpacking when I get home). My little popup camper has been sitting in my driveway all week. I put it up last weekend, so that I could clean it and get everything packed for this summer's camping. It is still there, not quite ready. And I leave for my first adventure Tuesday morning. Monday will be a busy day of running last minute errands and packing my truck, so today I've got to get the camper done.

4.  Lately, I have been so torn over my boys being grown, missing them being younger and always around. Today, I am enjoying my empty nest. A quiet house, the dogs napping after tracking dewy, muddy feet everywhere, a cup of coffee, and only the click-clack of computer keys.

5. I have random OCD. My house is a mess, my desk is rarely clean, I'm never "put together" when I leave the house; yet I have crazy moments of OCD. Like if I number my Saturday Confessions - there needs to be five things to confess. And I might not get all of my Christmas decorations down until spring, but no one can help me decorate the tree because the ornaments have to be done my way. When I bring groceries home, I may not get them all put away for several days, but said groceries must go from buggy to conveyor belt in a particular order - cold things together, can goods grouped, non-food items separately. And I can't stand it when the checker/bagger mixes things from my designated groups as he/she bags my stuff. I really wish some of my OCD was about cleaning; I can happily go to sleep with a sinkful of dirty dishes or clothes that need folding.

What do you need to confess?


  1. i wish i had a little ocd with cleaning too. those toys in the living room floor haven't bothered me all weekend.

  2. I too was late linking up, although I wrote my post on Friday and scheduled it I never got round to linking up until late.

    I agree packing up and cleaning up after camping is no fun. But most of the time it's worth it! I hope you had a lovely weekend.