Friday, June 24, 2011

A quiet morning

Because I'm at the lake, I'm blogging from my phone. Please ignore all typing errors.

This trip is so different from years past. Because of baby-waiting, wedding planning, new jobs, and softball and baseball tournaments, our normal routines have been disturbed, no - thrown out the window. My brother and his family are watching his son in all-stars this weekend, my sister is watching her youngest daughter in a softball tournament and awaiting her first grandchild, and a few of the kids have new jobs which keep them from packing up and coming on. I cooked breakfast for three this morning. Just three. That doesn't happen often; it's usually more like 15.

Baby Jus and cousin Chan are at the swimming hole now. They changed in and out of trunks about twenty times yesterday. I think I'll really count today. This is currently. Their second trip. But I think he first time they just went to throw the football and didn't dress for swimming. Boys are strange. When I put my suit on, I'm in it for the day. I can't stand changing into a wet suit.

I've been reading. Lucy and Jacob are sleeping off their morning walk. I was tempted to nap also but decided to save my napping for the floatie this afternoon. I think it's time to put on a suit and head that way.

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  1. Enjoy your quiet morning cause the crew will be there soon! See ya wednesday!! :)