Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday Confessions and the PTF

After reading Melissa's confessions about her visit to the Pink Tomato Festival, I have to confess that I am jealous. I, too, visited the festival, but I only went for a few minutes on Friday night. At one time, I made it a point to visit the festival during the day, but for the last several years I have only gone at night. And after seeing Melissa's pictures, I wish I had gone during the day. I have been thinking about when and why I stopped going during the day, and I do believe it was for some of the reasons Melissa mentioned - too much to wrestle in such heat. However, my boys have been long since outgrown going places with me, so next year I will visit during the day.

If there are any secrets you are keeping from your children, don't let me near them. I stopped by Melissa's to get a picture order for my sister-in-law. During our visit, I might have blown Melissa's cover. We were discussing my visit to the festival the previous night. I mentioned that the rides had been moved to a new location. Rides. I said it. And of course, little ears hear words like that when they don't hear anything else. And the crafty, little seamstress immediately chimed in, "Rides? They have RIDES at the Pink Tomato Festival?" I am publicly apologizing to Melissa for the terrible slip, and also bowing to her greatness for being able to keep this fact a secret from her crew. Amazing!


  1. this made me laugh. for the longest time i kept saturday a secret from them. we just considered it another day of the week and we did school all the time. they're on to me now.

  2. Saturday a secret? You better fill me in on others so that I don't spill the beans during sewing lessons.