Saturday, June 11, 2011

Water Water Everywhere

I'm just back from my girls only camping trip. New camping area, new lake, new friends - and it was a great time. I have camped on this lake before, but it has been many years ago and not in this area. The camp sites were easy to find. I had a beautiful site with a great view of the sunrise each morning. Lucy and I got up early each morning and went for a walk, so I got to enjoy the great view everyday.

Our spring weather has been crazy. In my part of the state we are experiencing a drought, but in other parts of the state severe flooding has been disastrous. Many campsites have been flooded. We camped at Old Highway 25. The campground is divided into several circles. We camped in G circle - it was the only one open. And some sites in this circle were still under water. Because of this we were not able to get adjoining sites. The bath house closest to us was closed because of the high water. A little inconvenient, but definitely not enough to ruin the trip. We designated one site as the cook area, everything sort of took off from there. Most of our time was spent in the water. That was what was most important to us so right away we got the island and floaties ready.

While I got my camper set up, Dora put air in one floating island. But the girls quickly decided that island just wouldn't do - not when everyone knew there was a bigger one still in the box just sitting there waiting to be inflated. So Liz and Dora got to work.

Notice the one island already floating in the water? Just wouldn't work. Bigger is always better.

Liz had a battle with the sun shade. It took all of us to get it on correctly. Of course, no one read the instructions.

We did finally get things in the correct place, then hauled the island out into the lake, tied it to a tree, and we were set for the week. We then just used the smaller floaties to get from the bank to the island and back.

When we weren't floating, we relaxed at the camp site. I was the only person not a nurse; at times I had nothing to contribute to the conversation. But we did occasionally discuss current books and movies. And of course, we discussed husbands and kids.

Meals also allowed time for conversation. I did a lot of the cooking, but I am happy to say, very little cleaning afterwards. We were a pretty good team.

And now comes unpacking. Isn't that always the worst part of any trip? 

What's your favorite camping meal? Have any secrets/hints to make unpacking less tedious?


  1. Looks like fun - I haven't been able to go camping in a few years :(

  2. I skipped a few years myself. But for the last several years, I have managed to go for two weeks around the 4th and at least one other trip.