Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hauling Hay

Today was a good day. School work this morning - gathering materials for summer study/review and lesson planning. A baby shower for a co-worker after the last few kids left. And when I got home, Lovey popped his head in the door and asked me to give him a little help. I think it's just because I'm a little giddy that tomorrow is the last day of school, but I was happy to lend a hand. It wasn't until I was in the truck, and we were on our way that I realized what we were going to do. After several days of cutting, raking, and baling, today was hay moving day.

Lovey and his borther cut hay from fields scattered here and yonder. This means that once the hay is baled, it must be moved to a barn somewhere near the cattle who will gobble it up next winter.

To make loading it easier, the hay is moved into lines so that the truck/trailer can be pulled alongside and the tractor/loader can work as quickly as possible.

Here comes Lovey with the next bale.

He sets it on the trailer in just the right spot. He wants to get as many as he possibly can on the trailer each time.

Once the first row is in place, he begins the second row. Gotta be careful here - don't want to knock the first row off on the other side.

Isn't Lovey the cutest little farmer boy you ever did see? He even dresses the part.

This one was making me nervous. Just a little crooked.

And now for the top row. I'm hoping that one holds that crooked one on the trailer.

Last one on! This is not the first load, but it is the first one that I got out to watch him load. I was thinking, "Really, you expect me to drive without losing that one?" But after many years of loading and moving hay, I guess he knows what he's doing.

That's about all it's going to hold. Time to take it to the barn.

Off I go! I made several of these trips today, and I didn't lose one bale - not even that crookedy one.

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