Friday, June 17, 2011

Is it Friday? No really, is it?

I just updated my Facebook status with something about forgetting the day of the week during summer vacation. I may get ugly comments - if it was Monday, I KNOW I would. Summer vacation is a much loved perk of being a teacher. Just like the students, I countdown those last few weeks and days of school. And I relish those first few days of no bell, no duty, no lesson plans, no schedule! But isn't there some law of science that states where ever there is a void, nature will fill it? That's what happens with my summer vacation.{You know I teach English, not science. If that's not a law of science, then it should be.} 

Because of many more snow days than we have had in a long time and a new law allowing schools to start a few days earlier, summer will be very short this year. Only 9 weeks. But with required summer workshops, I'll only have 8 weeks. And those 8 weeks are quickly filled. Lovey does get a few days of work out of me each summer. When he is cutting and baling hay, I sometimes help with egg pickup. And I do become his errand girl not just during summer vacation but any time that I'm out of school. This week my mother and my mother-in-law have both called to ask if I want them to get me a bag of corn when they get theirs. I appreciate that they ask, but I don't have time to put up corn this week. I have projects scheduled that must get done. I'll try to make time for corn later on in the summer.

Another important part of my summer is planning for the next school year. I read, I research, I write lesson plans. There are very few days that I don't do some type of school related projects. Before I can teach a novel, I have to read it. Preferably more than once. But I am always reading something hoping that I can recommend it to my students, even if I am not going to teach it. Students are always asking me for a good book to read, and I have to read all the time to stay ahead of them. And this summer's planning is really taking a lot of my thought because our jr/sr high school is transitioning to Common Core.

This is an especially exciting summer for my family. My niece is expecting her first baby very soon, and my nephew is getting married on July 16. We have had lots of showers to attend. And as I've said before, those aren't my favorite things. But I would do just about anything for these two, so I go. Tonight Lovey and I are going to a "honey-do" shower for my nephew; I don't think it will be like a regular shower, so I am looking forward to it. (Don't tell but we got him a weedeater. I think he will like it!) The baby will be here before the wedding. I'm working on special project for him this morning. I've got to have it ready by Sunday afternoon - she has a shower.

Yesterday Baby Jus and I went to town to finish shopping for Father's day. We did manage to squeeze in a short swim before the shopping trip. It was a great afternoon, lounging in the pool, watching the clouds build for an early evening thunderstorm. I don't get many of those days any more - just me and one of my boys. And it was quite a treat.

Earlier this week I took Lucy and Jacob to the vet. After the puppy fiasco, I wanted to get them spayed and neutered. I dropped them off one morning and picked them up the next. Lucy has an infection from the c-section and will have to be on antibiotics for a few days. Jacob tested positive for heartworms (we caught it early). He will start meds when we go back to get the stitches out in a week or so. It never ends!

I ordered a much needed part for my truck. It should be here one day next week. Lovey and Baby Just are going to install it, but it may take an entire day. I will have to pick up eggs that day. This and the vet visits are messing up my camping schedule. I have postponed my next trip. Hopefully for just a few days - we'll see.

So you see, my summer fills up quickly. I don't just lounge around watching TV all summer. I have many, many things that fill my precious few weeks away from school. And I work that must be done. And I soon as I can pull myself from the computer, I will get right on it.

Enjoy your weekend!

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