Thursday, November 10, 2011

thirty days of thanksgiving 10

My students amaze me almost everyday.

Yes, there are days when things don't go quiet as I had planned.

Honestly, there are very few days that go anything like I planned.

Sometimes I come home wondering if my students listened to a single word that I said that day.

And some days I know that they learned more from each other than I could have ever gotten across.

The last few weeks have been a bit disjointed. We've had nine weeks testing, Target Testing, reading assignments, written an essay, and taken a novel quiz at some point in between. It's been hectic.

So I worried when I had to leave school suddenly yesterday. It required that I jostle some lesson plans even more and make an assignment that I hadn't discussed with my students. I was worried that the directions wouldn't be as clear on paper as they might be if I could discuss them in person.

This morning I was braced for chaos. I was mentally preparing myself to accept almost anything that resembled my expectations for the assignment. 

But there was no chaos. There were no notes of confusion. No excuses.

There were three stacks of finished assignments (very few didn't finish).


Dear Lord, thank you for blessing me with a job that I love. Thank you for students who come to school willing and ready to learn. Thank you for parents who provide for and nurture these students so that they are focused on learning. Father, I know that you have called each and everyone of us to a specific task in life. Help all of those who haven't heard your call. Be with those who know what you have called them to do but haven't been able find a job.