Thursday, November 3, 2011

thirty days of thanksgiving 3

That is why a man leaves his father and mother and unites with his wife, and they become a new family.
- Genesis 2:24

This morning's conversation while I put my shoes on, and after Lovey came back from the chicken houses.

Lovey: You better put a coat on.

Me: I have on long sleeves.

Lovey: Do you have a coat?

Me: I don't need a coat.

Lovey: It's cold out there. You better put a coat on.

Me: I'm wearing long sleeves.

Lovey: I know you don't get cold, but you better put a coat on.

Me: I'm not wearing a coat. I've been sweating all week.

Lovey: Time changes this weekend.

Me: (rolling my eyes in his direction) Don't start.

Lovey: This time next week it'll just be 6 o'clock.

Me: I hate that time is changing.

Lovey: It'll only be 6 o'clock this time next week.

Me: Don't say it again.

Lovey:  I'm just saying..

Me: You are not allowed to talk about the time changing until Saturday, and you can't mention it again after Tuesday. I mean it.

Lovey: But it takes me two weeks to get my clocks changed.

Me: (glaring at him)

Lovey: This time next week it'll be 6 o'clock.

He drives me crazy when the time changes. For weeks he will remind me of what the time will be "this time next week" and then again "this time last week." He is obsessed with the weather, especially cold temperatures. And he is terribly cold natured - just the opposite of me.

But I love him so much it hurts.

I leave him at home while I go to the lake for days and days. I make him wash his own clothes. I don't answer him when he talks to me too early in the mornings. And I ignore him when tells me how to dress.

But he loves me.

Dear God, You know everything about me - including my every fault, my every flaw. Thank you Lord for creating a man who could not only tolerate those faults and flaws, but, like you, could find something to love in spite of those faults and flaws. Thank you for for blessing our marriage with 21 years of love and laughter.

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