Sunday, November 13, 2011

photo fail?

Yesterday I made tamales. And a few friends came by for supper. And it just happened to be JD's birthday.

So of course, we took a few pics. Because if it doesn't get posted and tagged  on Facebook - it didn't happen.

But the lights were low. Because I made tamales all day rather than dusting, and low lights do wonders to hide dust and cobwebs.

So all of the pictures are a little fuzzy.

But maybe you noticed that the dark room wasn't the only problem.

Lovey had my camera - and he's a little slow on the draw.

But there were two others who were like paparazzi popping from behind the bushes. And every time Lovey would get ready to press the button, these two iPhone photographers would jump in front of him. It was hilarious to watch his face.

And we had a great laugh, just trying to get a picture without one of their backs or elbows or hands in it.

We take pictures to remember, to freeze a instant, to remind us of the way we were at one moment in time.

So look past the shadows, the white blur, the elbows, the cluttered background, and the glare.

Now can you see the silliness, the laughter, the fun? That was our night.

Photo fail? I think not.

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