Wednesday, November 9, 2011

thirty days of thanksgiving 9

This morning my phone rang, it was my sister's number, I knew what she would say, and still I the words were difficult to process. 

My mother's sister, Evelyn, had passed away, no longer able to fight the cancer that has attacked her body for so many years. I sat at my desk and cried for the  wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and aunt. She will be terribly missed by her family, and that's a lot of people.

Sister and I left work to go to momma's. She hasn't been dealing with this well, and we knew she would be very upset today. We were right.

And this afternoon another sister got unwanted news from her doctor today.

Not a good day at all for the Norton siblings.

But GOD is good all the time.

Ten children born. Ten children grow up together. Ten children mourn the death of a father. Ten children raise their children together. Ten children for Thanksgivings, and Easters, and Christmases and deer seasons and Memorial Days and Fourth of Julys. Ten children become grandparents. Ten children visit the nursing home. Ten children cry and mourn for a mother.Ten children still visit and laugh and share birthdays each month.

A blessing from God - to share some much with so many.

Heavenly father, thank you for providing strength when we can't go another step alone. Thank you for family that each day is a testimony to your love. Thank you for allowing me to witness first hand through the Norton siblings what it means to love unconditionally, to trust unconditionally, and to have faith that never falters. Thank you lord for hearing our prayers. Continue to bless this family.

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