Sunday, November 6, 2011

thirty days of thanksgiving 5

If you have no desire to worship the Lord, choose today whom you will worship, whether it be the gods whom your ancestors worshiped beyond the Euphrats, or the gods of Amorits in whose land you are living. But I and my family will worship the Lord.
- Joshua 24:15

My birthday was yesterday.

My day started with sweet messages from my nieces and nephews.

Then my sister-in-law texted me. I talked to Brooke. And it didn't take long to plan a girls' shopping day for Saturday.

We did some serious shopping. And had a delicious lunch.

When we got back to Brooke's, Brother and Caleb came from the deer camp to watch a little football.

And tomorrow we will probably all be at Nannie's for lunch. And it will be another laughter-filled day.

Dear Lord, thank you for blessing me with a loving Christian family. Through your love for us, you have taught us to love one another. I am so grateful that we are able to live close to each other and spend so much time together. Thank you for the ability to laugh, to share, to support, and most importantly to forgive one another.

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