Tuesday, November 15, 2011

thirty days of thanksgiving 15

Lucy Mercer is zonked out. She is absolutely exhausted. She may not wake up until Sunday.

She went to school today.

And she was so good. She visited three different story times in the library before lunch. Those little ones crowded around her - talking loud, rubbing her hair backwards, getting right in her face - she never even flinched.  She stood patiently while each and every kid had a chance to love on her.

After lunch my classes came in. And she let everyone of those older kids love on her too. Then in each class we went outside and let her run and run with them. At the end of seventh period she crashed, and I thought maybe she wouldn't play with the next class. But when they wanted to pet her, she was happy to let them. And when they wanted to run to the end of the football field and back over and over, she ran with them.

And now that she is finally home, she has passed out.

It wasn't all just fun today. Lucy was helping me to teach writing.

The students had to observe her during the visit and then write about her appearance, personality, and mannerisms. The idea being that to successfully write about anyone or anything, they must get to know the subject through observation or research. And they were observant. There was a discussion about her color; no one could decide exactly what color she is. And several students noticed that Lucy likes her momma.

Lord, thank you for pets.Through them we learn what it means to love unconditionally, to devote ourselves fully, and to follow where our master leads.

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