Sunday, January 8, 2012

big ideas

Do you have projects around the house that never seem to get finished? Have you ever brought something home with plans to do something GRAND, but the grand part hasn't happened yet? Please tell me that I'm not alone. Please.

Before we built our house, I was always picking up things for our some-day-soon house. I stashed everything at my momma's in the back closet (which has since become the wedding closet for the grandkids getting married). I didn't really have a plan - I didn't even know what our house would look like. I just bought/collected things that I liked. Knowing that I would somehow find a way to put it all together.

We did A LOT of the work on our house. All of the painting, staining the cabinets, installing doors and trim - and in the last few weeks I had a hysterectomy. So when we finally moved in, we were exhausted. Worn out. Drained. And not at all interested in doing any projects. And then just as we were recovering things got really crazy in other areas of our lives. We have done a few things - because we had too. When my niece planned to have her wedding in our back yard, we had to kick things up a notch and finish some lingering projects - like building some steps to get on and off the deck. But many projects that I had planned have been just sitting, waiting to be finished, or in some cases, started.

Projects, wait no more! I've been to Walmart and Lowe's, and I'm reading to get some things done.

Several years ago, my daddy brought me this old dresser that belonged to a great-grandmother. I knew right away that I wanted to make some changes. I'm not going to destroy the dresser - just re purpose it so that it fits in my house.

And this old cabinet I bought at an auction. It was part of the original home ec. cottage kitchens at WHS. When I bid on it, I just wanted to have a piece of the old kitchen. And when I brought it home, Big Boy needed a place on which to place his fish tank. Some place that would stand up to the wear and tear of a boy's room. And something that I wouldn't care if it got a bit of water damage. So instead of trying to refinish the cabinet - it went straight into his room to hold the fish tank and later a TV. I have decided that it is time to return it to it's original home, the kitchen. After a little makeover.

A few months ago, I got up really early to go thrifting with my friend Carrie. I scored a few good deals that day. One was this giant canvas and frame. I don't particularly care for the ballerinas, but for just 10 bucks, I thought I could do something with it. Haven't decided just what yet, but it's going to be fabulous!

I'm so excited to get started on these. And to find more.What projects do you have waiting for your attention? 


  1. Michelle what are you going to do to that gorgeous old dresser? Just wondering as it is fabulous as it is, but wondering how you plan on changing it to fit your needs. It definitely looks like a piece from the Arts & Crafts age. Very sought after. Can't wait to see your projects. I just had a hysterectomy this past week and am going to take the free time of resting to get a plan of action in gear here to finish or begin some much needed projects that have been on my mind as well.

  2. oh my! my advice - walk a little farther each day. i remember being so happy to make it out of the garage.

    i'm not going to destroy it. it will be able to be reassembled at anytime. i am going to remove the mirror to hang above the mantle and switch the legs to make the dresser into a buffet. i'll save the original legs and the materials to attach the mirror. i'm not going to change the finish at all - other than a good cleaning and polishing.

    hope your recovery goes well!

    thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Oh those are some great projects to tackle. I don't have any furniture projects yet, but maybe something for the guest bedroom. I need more storage, so I might come up with something. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs, marty