Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a long day

Eleven and a half hours later and I'm finally home. Parent/Teacher conference day is such a LONG day. I don't mind the conferences. And this day is certainly much easier now that I'm not part of the "parent" group. I can handle the "teacher" part just fine - but man! did this day take forever to get over!

For both of my boys, their favorite parts of school were recess, P. E., and football. Studying, reading, taking notes - all way, way, way down the list. And progress report or report card night was usually not a good night. As a matter of fact, those nights were full of stress and more stress most of the time. I miss so much of my boys' younger years - but I DO NOT miss the stress of grade day.

For years I would come home and have to talk to both boys about the grades. There was always yelling and usually tears. And after that I wouldn't be able to sleep for hours. Tonight there's no yelling, no tears, no missed assignments, no work to finish by tomorrow in hopes of getting partial credit. It's just me - and a big ol' glass of wine.

I should have tried this years ago.

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