Saturday, January 28, 2012

one tried and true; one new

Thursday night I had a few friends over - actually I hosted a Silpada party. You know Silpada, don't you? You can check out an online catalog here.

I worried that the yucky, wet weather we have been experiencing would ruin the party. And for those that came - I can only apologize about the muddy road you had to drive down to get here - thanks for coming! Our road was worse that night than it had been all winter. Log trucks going in and out over the summer and fall, and then slow drizzly days of rain are a horrible combination for a gravel road.

My friend Carrie texted me that she was only coming for the appetizers. I hope she wasn't disappointed.  When planning what to cook, I knew that I wanted to do Cha-Cha Chicken Salad. I first made it a few years ago when I found the recipe in Southern Living. I love it. It tastes great and looks fanatastic - but it really isn't hard to make.

Sangria was at the TOP of my list. So I did some recipe research. I looked at tons of recipes. I found this site through pintrest. I liked number five, Grapefruit Sangria; although, I must say that the picture there doesn't match that recipe - a juicy red wine just will not be that golden color. I tweaked the recipe just a bit (who's suprised by that?). You can find my version here. The original recipe was a confusing. It's grapefruit, and the recipe calls for 1/2 of a grapefruit, but it only mentions adding the zest of grapefruit and maybe using grapefruit soda.

See. It looks nothing like the picture on the original link. It's rich and dark and red and oh so delicious. I'm counting the sangria as my new recipe of the week.


  1. Thx for hosting such a great party!!! We need to make this an annual event!

  2. emily, thank you for making it so easy.