Monday, January 16, 2012

dragon lady

Back in the summer, I found myself a sewing partner. At our first meeting we discussed sewing a dragon. We've made a pony and a fox, but no dragon. We had chosen material and even the perfect buttons for the eyes, but no dragon. I had hoped to visit during the Christmas break but never did. Today, however, was dragon making day.

We didn't have a pattern so had to make our own. We did have a knitted dragon to look at for inspiration. We drew a pattern on newspaper, starting with the belly first.

After we had a belly cut out, we moved on to the body. We had material that we wanted to use for spines along the back, so we worked on that too. The head was definitely the hardest part. We made wings and ears and attached those before sewing the body together. Finally, Emma was ready to sew the big pieces together.

We didn't finish today. But we did enough so that we could get an idea of what the finished dragon would look like.

Here's our dragon with a little stuffing in its head and the eyes just sitting - not sewn on.  I think it will be so cute when it gets some stuffing in it. Can't wait to go back and finish it up.