Saturday, January 14, 2012

so he thinks he's a hip-hop music mogul

So most of you have probably seen the commercial where the couple is walking across the parking lot, and the wife is jabbering on the phone about cornish hens then asks her husband, "Why isn't this working?" You know, the feel richer effect from having a certain product.

Well, Twitter and Facebook give me the feel richer effect. I just love when I tweet a TV personality and he/she tweets back.

A few months ago, Baby E fell in love with a Paula Deen's picture on a magazine cover. Any time he saw the picture, he would slobber all over it giving her kiss after slobbery kiss. I tweeted her a video of him giving her picture sugars. The next day she tweeted back.

Of course, I always tell Lovey when someone who is somebody tweets me back. I might even drive poor-twitterless-Lovey a bit crazy with my twitter updates. But this morning he got in on the TV personality conversation. And he now finds himself funny.

As we were having our Saturday morning donuts and watching Daybreak. Todd Yakoubian, my favorite weatherman, and Stephanie Simoni were discussing our mild Arkansas winter. Lovey walked into the room just as Todd said that he, being such a weather geek, would like some colder, snowier weather. Lovey almost broke his neck spinning to the TV to glare at Todd. Then Todd mentioned that he wanted comments on Facebook about the snow or not question. So I sent in this comment:

Michelle Walker Mercer my husband walked in just in time for todd's comment. he said, "did he just say he wanted zero and snowing?" i told him yes. he, who is sooo cold natured, said, "he's a dumbass." sorry, todd. he meant it in the nicest way possible - he just hates cold weather!

When the show came back from commercial, Todd and Stephanie were chuckling just a bit. And she teased him about not reading all of the comments when he was reading the comments that agreed with him about wanting cold and snow. Lovey just knew that she was talking about his comment.  And later on Todd did mention that there was a comment that he couldn't read on the air but not everyone agreed with him.

And now Lovey is experiencing the feel richer effect. And he went to work thinking that he was pretty funny. Should I make Cornish hens and endive salad for supper? 


  1. Ha! Very cute. I would invite myself over for that dinner if I lived nearby. And you know, if I knew you. ;-)

    Found you via Write On Edge!