Thursday, January 19, 2012

how you doing?

Did you read the title of this post like Joey from Friends? After years of watching that show, I can't read those words without mimicking him.

But really I want to know, how are you doing? It's the middle of January - are you keeping those resolutions? I'm trying to keep mine.

I've been doing lots of walking. I've even gotten up early and done some yoga before going to work. We had a few days of just plain old yucky weather, and I didn't walk then. So I'm trying to make up by doing a bit extra on the days that I have time. Today I went to a workshop and got home earlier than normal. I walked 45 minutes instead of 30.

I want to lose 5 pounds this month. I'm not following a specific diet, but I am trying to make better choices about what I eat. We'll see how it goes this month. In February I may decide to go with a specific plan rather than just winging it.

It's Thursday - I haven't made a new recipe this week. Who knew that coming up with a new recipe to try each week would be so challenging? The problem is that this week I haven't taken the time to do any meal planning. It's hard to cook new recipes when I'm winging it each night. Tonight I've got to decide on a new recipe for either Friday's or Saturday's supper.

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