Friday, January 13, 2012

crazy day

I haven't been feeling so great this week. Can't say exactly what it is. My sinuses are a bit snuffle-y, and my head has been really pounding at times. But then sometimes my head doesn't hurt at all - I just don't feel good.

When I woke up this morning, my head was pounding. So I took the day off. I stayed in pj's almost all day long. It was nice.

Several years ago I had an issue with not feeling good - but not feeling sick either. Finally one night I ended up in the ER with sky high blood pressure thinking that I might be having a heart attack. After a bit of nitroglycerine and a few tests, it was determined that stress was causing my problem. My doctor put me on blood pressure meds and some kind of happy pill. Once I got the stress under control, I was able to stop taking both meds.

Lately, I've been a bit stressed. Well, maybe a lot stressed. I think my not feeling good may again be stress related. Wonder if I have any crazy days in my contract?

Tonight, Lovey and I had to run to town and decided to get some supper while we were there. Easier said than done! We went to 4 places before getting a seat. The first had no parking spaces, and no room to get in the door. The second had a minimum of a 45 minute wait - it was already after 8:00.And people were sitting in their cars with the buzzers because their wasn't any room to wait inside. The third was closed. And the fourth and final place was out of desperation. It was a Mexican place; we had never been there. While we were eating, I noticed a large picture of a not-at-all-attractive young woman. Bushy eybrows and a bit of a moustache! I didn't have my camera, but I told Lovey that I was going to take a picture with my phone because it was definitely blog worthy. And then I forgot. Stress ruins my short-term memory.

Then on the way home I saw the most beautiful moon.

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