Sunday, January 22, 2012

a cow's tale

Wednesday night Lovey came in for supper and said that he would have to go back out soon to check on a cow. She was trying to have a calf when he went to check cows just before coming in the house. For a while, he was able to watch her from the living room through the binoculars. She moved from nice high-and-dry ground to over by the creek. Then she just disappeared. He couldn't see her at all. He thought she had probably crossed the creek and was hidden by the trees. And then it got too dark to see from the house.

We ate supper and worked on a project then decided it was time to go check on her. We drove out to the pasture and found her standing down in the creek. She had tried to cross with a brand new baby. The baby had fallen into the cold water and wasn't strong enough to get out. Lovey pulled it out hoping that we had arrived in time to save it, but no.

If you've ever been around a momma cow, you know they don't usually like anyone messing with the new baby. I've seen Lovey do some juking and jiving to get out of the way of a few mad mommas. Well, this momma didn't really like it, but I think she knew that something was wrong and maybe Lovey could help. She was bawling and making all kinds of racket. She was shaking her head and stomping her feet. Several times she huffed and stomped right up behind Lovey. But she never even bumped him. She let him try to save her baby.

Saturday night just before dark, we drove out to the field to check on another momma cow who had been trying to have her baby earlier in the day. The baby was up walking around. The momma was up walking around.

taken with iphone -from a moving vehicle

But there was a problem. The baby was sucking the wrong momma.

taken with iphone

The momma who lost her baby on Wednesday has stolen a baby! The cow looking on is the real momma. And while we were watching, the baby never even acknowledged her.

taken with iphone
Animals just amaze me!

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