Saturday, January 7, 2012

letting my mind ramble

One of my 2012 resolutions is to exercise 30 minutes a day for at least 5 days of the week. This morning, I started the coffee, let the dogs out, and picked up the computer to click through a few blogs while I woke up. And then I thought, I should go ahead and go walking this morning and get it over. But then this conversation started in my head, It sure is damp outside. Maybe I'll wait on the coffee and then walk. No, I better walk early, looks like it might be a rainy day. As soon as I get the dogs back in, I'll go walking. No, I really want to drink a little coffee before I get dressed this morning. And then BOOM! The bottom fell out. We had a sudden downpour. The dogs came running to the doors - yes different doors. And they are wet - and stinky. So, my decision is to drink my coffee, read a few blogs, maybe browse pintrest for a bit, then do my 30 minutes with a DVD or the Wii.

Last night we went to neighbors to watch the Cottonbowl game. They had some GREAT food. Along with the usual ribs and such at a bar-b-que, they had grilled some fish brought home from a deep sea fishing trip. Of course, I can't remember what kind of fish it was. But it was yummy! Because the Hogs were winning, it was a pretty quite night until the 4th quarter. Then things got serious. Several of the guys got vocal in the last few minutes. There were a few calls that stirred the crowd. One neighbor's husband was really getting vocal. We were having a great laugh at some of the trash talking that was going on. When Lovey says, That's the Norton coming out in him. Someone asked Lovey, Have you seen that before? And I had to say, I think he got it from his Aunt Doris. The neighbor's husband is my cousin, and his Aunt Doris is my momma! And yes, Lovey has seen that before.

When I was trying to decide what to take to the watch party, Lovey and I were discussing recipes. I told him that I planned to try a new recipe each week. He chimed in that I could cook a hamburger each week and try a new variation each time. That is a big step for him. He's sort of the keep-it-the-same-don't-change-miraclewhip-lettuce-tomato guy. But this last year we have tried a few new burgers. And he has liked them. So along with the new recipe each week, I'll try a new burger each week also. Another night of what-are-we-gonna-have-for-supper done. I'm liking this plan.

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