Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a beautiful day

How was your Wednesday?

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I was in a pretty good mood all morning - don't have any idea why, I just was.

And then this afternoon, I had the absolute best surprise. Several years ago I coached cheerleaders. If any of you are cheer coaches or know cheer coaches, then you have probably heard some cheer coach stories. Stories about the drama and headaches and problems of coaching a group of teenage girls. Those weren't my girls (and guy). I had an amazing group - very athletic, very talented, very dedicated, and oh so much fun. I often get asked if I miss coaching, and I have to honestly answer that I don't miss the other parts of it, but I do miss my girls (and guy)! Occasionally, one will stop by for a visit. Today it was Chelsi.

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She was a freshman when I took over as coach. For four years, she amazed me with her positive attitude, her kind heart, her work ethic, and enthusiasm for life. She is now a senior at UCA, and today I could see that those qualities have only multiplied in her years at college. She just stopped by for a quick visit, but I, as always, put her to work. For two periods she spoke to my students about her college experiences. The eternal cheerleader, she encouraged each of my seventh graders to begin now to dream big, to make plans and work to achieve those dreams. Now, I can say those same things to seventh graders all day long - doesn't have quite the same effect as it does when a beautiful, bubbly college girl says it. Then when I found out she was minoring in creative writing, I couldn't let her leave until she talked to my creative class. I put her on the spot, and she was amazing! Just like in all those years of coaching her, I just stood on the sideline beaming with pride while she worked the crowd.

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I was so blessed to work with such a great group of cheerleaders. Any day one of them stops by for a visit is a great day.

And then I saw this amazing sunset on my way to pick up pizza and salad. 

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