Monday, January 16, 2012

center of attention

Last Sunday we didn't have lunch at Nannie's. That insured a majority of the family would be there this week. But then Nannie, who never updates her Facebook status, posted on Saturday that she was getting a head start on Sunday's lunch and making spaghetti sauce - a crowd pleaser.

And the spaghetti was great. I love to walk into her house when she's got spaghetti sauce cooking. Yummm.

But it doesn't matter what is cooking anymore. The center of everyone's attention has definitely shifted.

We all have to get our Baby E fix for the week.

Caleb played a little football with him.

And then gave him some crawling lessons. This was so funny. Baby E tried to do just what Caleb was doing. And when Caleb put his head down and looked through his arms to see E, he tried the same thing and took a good roll.

Then Natalie gave him some pointers on making a basket.

Did you notice how the toys slowly multiplied and scattered around the room? We pass that baby around all day long, and the toys just move with him.

No one tell Nannie, but she could probably skip the cooking and just announce that Baby E will be doing his new tricks on Sunday. I think we'd all show up.

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